Samosa/Sambosa/triangley thingies

Who doesn’t dig a samosa huh?

Or any small triangle pastry snack deep fried till golden and crisp..

The only type I don’t get are the cheese related ones.. Simply because I don’t dig cheese !

These ones?

That wonderful roast lamb mix saved from having the family over and expertly minced by chef jonny..

Already minced with shallots , ginger, carrot it’s a perfect mix just waiting to be shown the way..

This outing included adding some mango powder , garam masala, methi powder and chilli flakes and petit pois..

I could have just eaten this straight outta the bowl!!

Yet nope.. Into those great freezer standy Sambosa sheets..

Folded up.. Popped into the fridge to take on the shape just a little better..

Fried in sunflower oil.. Till crisp.. Drained on Ikea paper.. (Ahem)

On a bed of lettuce to make it feel like you are having salad..

And a wicked sweet chilli sauce to throw the flavours all over the place..

Great lunch.. No greasy fingers .. No spicy hiccups..

We love those golden shaped crispy triangles of gorgeousness .. 20140723-173253-63173116.jpg






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  3. I’ve had already-made samosas before but I know making them homemade has to be even better.


  4. ooh yum, I love triangley thingies too. I’ve never seen mango powder. Will have a look for that one. Do you get much use out of it? (I’m a sucker for having a spice rack filled with things I only use once)


  5. wonderful post!!!! I love samosa!!!! Thanks for sharing!


  6. I love the cheesy ones; feta with spinach – yum!! You make it all look so easy – your lamb mix sounds divine. I once had some tiny teeny ones which had lamb mince, peas, some spicing and mint – they were lovely too!


  7. I agree with you, cheese ones are wrong!!


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