An almost vegan supper..


Yeah I had some great chorizo with mine do I guess that throws it out right?

But in essence this was a vegan supper..

Great rustic artisan bread.. Bought from the Celtic bakery.. On the turn as I bought that at the farmers market on Sunday!

Perfect for toasting.. So it was toasted..

The topping? A mix of lovely juicy tasty tomatoes ( don’t you just love it when they are just almost perfect?) these were from M&S and good value too..

Some chopped continental onions.. Always makes me laugh that.. Onions from the continent? What year are we in??

Great salted Spanish capers.. Some good pimped Lebanese oil.. Almost out so must re-order.. and some Lebanese herb mix.. A splash of balsamic and a twist of Bristol blend pepper completes this ..

Left to meld together ..

Once we were ready.. Simply popped the toast and topped with the mix..

Stunning!!! So fresh and clean tasting..

I had the chorizo… Mrs Fitz didn’t .. She had baby bell ..

So it was almost a vegan supper… Ahem20140724-081336-29616710.jpg




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4 replies

  1. I do love a perfect tomato, it does sound delicious, and chorizo is a great addition IMHO,


  2. Hell yeah, my friend. Gimme the chorizo version for sure!!! Smiley face


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