The Marle inn lunch (a review)

Hadn’t been to the Marle inn for a good while..

And having a meeting with my attorney and a colleague prompted a visit for lunch..

It’s blinkin hot so we couldn’t sit outside for long.. Just melting.. So inside we went..

A decent lunch menu..

Tough to choose. It all reads well and I know that chef Alain will create wonderful tasty food..

Went for a mix to share.. (Although doubled up on the scotch eggs!)

Scotch eggs with a red onion ‘chutney’

Pressed belly of pork with lovely crackling

A chicken club on home baked bread

Onion rings

The most wonderful home cooked chips to a Glasgow chefs recipe

It reads small when you write it yet small it was not!!

All served at once and shared amongst us.. More than enough for three grown chaps that were peckish!

I have to say it’s such a shame that this place is not busier.. It really is a gem of a joint..

The ice cream? Homemade of course.. A delightful gingerbread one.. A good peanut butter and Nutella one.. (Exactly as you are imagining it)..

And a VERY interesting sea salt one based on an irish dingle sea salt recipe.. A little strong!! Yet Chef Alain is experimenting here.. Perhaps a ‘softer’ salt?

We were all well fed and content..

Perhaps even a little too full..

Perfect for a Friday business meet!










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