Mr Fitz lamb ‘curry’ and olive oil breads

The car?

That’s my pal Peters red corvette..

But the ‘curry’? It would be good to know what this dish would actually be called.. Yet probably it wouldn’t have a name..

Why ?

Because I make it up each time!

This time around it went like this..

Fried pink onion in clarified butter.. Adding grated carrot.. Ginger and garlic paste, a little lamb stock, mango powder , a little madras powder and a little rogan josh powder as well as some ajwain seeds and fenugreek powder..

So that’s kinda the base right now..

I don’t fry the lamb off first.. Just chopping it into smallish chunks.. topside this piece of lamb..

Deliciousness already happening right there !

Adding lamb to pan.. Using up the rest of the lonesome tomato that was left over from Mrs Fitz’s sea bass lunch.. And a can if karson saag.. Blinking brilliant that stuff! It’s a meal on its own!

Thing us though.. You do get far more in that large-ish can than I thought.. So some chopped spudulas needed to be added to the mix as well..

Now this dish ain’t gonna win in a beauty pageant! Yet it’s the one that will give you a proper hug..

Into the oven medium heat covered for an hour in the Le cresuet .. The perfect pan for this as the heat retention is just perfect..

To go with..

Of course the Tilda family’s biryani ..

Yet also the most softy moorish olive oil breads..

Half a small bag of plain flour, unfiltered olive oil, baking powder salt and water.. Mixed together and left to prove a little..

Rolled out and cooked on the iron pan for like 30 seconds a side..wrapped in a tea towel to keep warm.. Awesome breads!!

Best thing about this supper? Loads of leftovers… Portioned up they will make for great meals.. Yumm!20140718-080304-28984797.jpg










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15 replies

  1. Mr. Fitz! Tonight I am crowning you King of Curry! Your recipe just sounds so amazing that I can’t wait to dig in! Can’t tell you how impressed I am that you wing it every time you make a curry – another sign that you are the King. I absolutely love how you have paired the curry with the olive breads! Awesome! 😀 Thanks so much for bringing all of this to FF. The gang here is just going to gobble it up!


  2. I’m always impressed when someone makes their own breads. So simple yet so efffing delicious! Smiley face


  3. Damn! Delicious looking and that bread!



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