Soft tacos, surf and turf?

I needed soft tacos .. Like really needed soft tacos..


I think it’s because we haven’t had that type of food for a while.. And the weather has been so muggly hot something like soft tacos were perfect.. Also possibly because I was talking about the joys if them with my mechanic while he was fixing the brakes on the truck.. He loves them too!! Yeah perhaps that’s it!

So I got this great recipe.. Inspired by another blogger ..

And It goes a little something like this:

Two cups of all purpose flour (which in the real world is simply plain flour)

Two thirds of a cup of water

A teaspoon of baking powder

Half a tea spoon of salt

A quarter cup of olive oil ( I was thinking that you could substitute the olive oil for lard.. ) ahem..

Simply mix all together until it forms a ball .. Knead a little then chop the ball into eight

Leave to do its thing while you have a few beers or a couple glasses of wine

When ready .. Simply get Mrs Fitz to roll them out thin and then heat them for like thirty seconds each side on the iron pan.. Dry fry in another pan.. Or deep fry if you fancy crispy tacos..

I must say what an excellent result you get from these.. No more store bought tortillas ! No way Jose !!

For the filling.. Lamp topside for me cut into slips.. Dusted with taco spice and panned in chilli oil

Salmon for Mrs Fitz.. Following the same process as above..

And if course served with re fried beans (excellent from a can).. Sour cream and guacamole.. Fried red onion and mixed peppers.. A little celery seed and cumin powder added to the onion and peppers..


Go team Fitz!

(You must try those tacos.. Seriously!)20140717-072335-26615192.jpg









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5 replies

  1. Oh my I seriously love that you made the tortilla and I have to try that. I love soft taco’s and now I must have them. They look really really delicious.


  2. Nice styles my friend. This is my kinda dinner!! Smiley face


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