Yakatori duck rolls and easy peas -ey rice

Duck is lovely… I reckon so., it’s a bit of a weird one for me as I really like the cute looking things in the wild!

Yet duck meat is very good indeed..

These were three gressingham legs bought on a red ticket.. So no more than £2.45.. That’s an amazing price.. I don’t get why they put three legs in the pack though? Seems very weird to me..


Dusted with five spice.. A little too heavily! And pricked with a fork.. It is surprising at just how little fat comes out of these legs..

Roasted off for 90 minutes..

Cooled and stripped.. The chopped meat mixed with a Chinese frozen stir fry mix..

Yakatori sauce added for flavour .. wrapped up in the spring roll wrappers..

Fried off.. Drained on ikea brown paper..

Served simply with a Tilda family samba rice cheered up with some frozen petit pois..

Dollop of sweet chilli sauce to finish it off.

Nice supper…

Duck is tasty.. 20140716-081141-29501179.jpg







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3 replies

  1. Love it. I used to do these when working as a yacht chef! Had to use breast all we could get in the Caribbean. So if you poach a duck breast then the meat is so succulent to use. To you can roast the skin which is divine. Great blog.


  2. You are such a talented cook it’s unreal. I’m a lurker on your page only because I don’t have a ton of time to comment, but wow.


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