Doner kebob/kebab/gyros and chips please..

Sometimes you just can’t beat a great fake-away..

And this seriously takes some beating!

First the mix.. Gone for pork and beef as I have a pal that doesn’t do lamb too well and I wanted to give them some also..

So meat in the processor .. Secret blend of herbs, spices and rusk added..

Whizz till mushed up good.. Spooned and flattened into a loaf tin.. baked for 30, taken out if the tin and baked for another 25..

Left to cool and run through the slicer.. To get those lovely thin ‘shavings’ of meat..

I then vac pac the meat into portions.. this means that not only does it keep well it also cooks real easy! Three stabs through the pac and chef ping has it done in one minute!

Just enough time to pop the pitta in the toaster and make the sauce..

The sauce?

Yup fool proof this.. Don’t ask me how it works it just does!!

Bottled salsa, (normally ketchup yet salsa needs eating!).. Mint sauce.. Milk.. And a pinch of chilli.. Mixed up.. I tell you the sauce is bang on!!

Salad leaves into the pitta and the meat heaped on top.. THE BEST FAKEWAY !!

The chips ? Mid sized frozen numbers would have been the true way.. Yet I don’t own any!

So crinkle cut small spuds into rounds.. Fried in mrs Middletons oil..

Must make another order as am now pretty much out..

Drained of course on ikea brown paper .. Other paper is ok yet do try the brown paper hint if you can.. It really does stop food going soft..

Mrs Fitz doesn’t do doner.. Not even my great fakeaway ..

So a sirloin for her with the last of the black truffle and bone marrow butter.. 20140715-085849-32329333.jpg







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7 replies

  1. That sauce doesn’t make any sense but now I’m going to have to try it! Damn you curiosity!!! Smiley face


  2. mmm like the look of the potates,your such a meaty man hehe


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