Roast lamb stuffed mushrooms

Having had the family over for a while it’s been lovely.. It has also meant that we have been cooking hard..

Good news? Great leftovers!!!

This is the leftovers from a leg of lamb .. Stuffed with anchovies, garden rosemary and rubbed with pimped mrs Middletons roscoff garlic oil..that roscoff garlic is the business! And ‘preserving’ it in fine oil seems to be the best way of ensuring that it lasts!

This is not about that leg of lamb though.. It was indeed delicious..

It was served with greens cooked in iberico pork fat and water.. Then mixed with boiled red and white spuds, mashed with French sea salt butter and a burford brown egg yolk..Another side of a mixed tomato salad with shallots and sherry vinegar.

Yet what it did do is yield a good amount of delicious leftovers!

When you have a brother in law that’s a chef it’s a good idea to get him to help out!

In through the mincer it’s gone.. With the last two carrots in the fridge.. a big handful of shallots , and the last of the parsley..

Stunning mixture! Smells wonderful and tastes excellent .. Also means we have a great amount if parcelled up lamby goodness for the future!

So good plan to use up the portobello mushrooms ..

Stuff em!

Peeled them as they were slightly on the turn! Popped the stalk out.. topped with the lamby mince.. breadcrumbs and Italian freezer mix.. No cheese as I wanted to eat as well!

Drizzled with pimped mrs Middletons Lebanese herb oil..

Into the oven covered till soft..

Because the lamb mince is already cooked it makes this dish a breeze!

Served with the great greens/spuds that were leftover.. and tomato salad.. re-spiked with sherry vinegar..

What a wonderful leftovers supper for me and Mrs Fitz..

and nothing to throw away outta the fridge!










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12 replies

  1. Happy Fiesta Friday. These looks like a great use for leftovers. Yum.


  2. Fabulous use of left-overs which are something I love to have in the fridge – especially since my 16yo son around a bit more as GCSE’s are over and he loves concocting things with bits and pieces left over. He’s not so great on tiding up though which drives me mad. At least I don’t have to make all his meals and snacks for him anymore though…


  3. Another great use of leftovers. I admire your creativity. They look superb.



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