Jacks spuds, salmon and lamb chops..

Is there ANYTHING better than spuds?

I really cannot think of anything more tasty in the entire galaxy! (Future proofing this post!…)

And me good ol ‘pal jack did not let us down … A box of spuds was picked up from him today.. He grows them in beautiful matter.. And they turn out the bizzle!

Simply boiled with bay and salt..

Dressed in butter , garden chives and medetaranian flower salt.. Freeking delicious!!!


Oh yeah.. To go with?

Brilliant welsh lamb chops for me.. The fat rendered till crisp.. Mint sauce.. That’s it ! Amazing classic flavours.. It hit flavor town and painted it red!

For Mrs Fitz? Salmon skin crisped with tomatoes and a watercress sauce ..

The spuds are the star here though..

Yet watching a re-run of lo-co-telly in Italy and having a cold glass if Pinot made it all the better ..

A wee bit Valium inducing those spuds though.. Am hitting the soporific wall…

Nite nite ..

(Thanks Jack)








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4 replies

  1. What a meal, both the lamb and salmon and of course the star, the potatoes it looks pretty much like a perfect meal. Those two Bassets are so cute!


  2. It looks yum, how was the salmon Mrs. Fitz x x ??? Must try the Spuds & lamb. Going to give aubergine in batter a go they were gorgeous


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