Mutton ‘curry’ easy pataks chicken tikka masala

I like mutton.. There is something much deeper in flavour and perfect for curries, stews, ummm and other things like that..

Again I have no real idea what to put with to make it.. Yet gone for the following. .. (Turned out pretty darn find i tell ya!)..

Softened an onion in clarified butter..

Not ghee.. Clarified butter.. The difference? Not sure! Tastes and smells different that I can confidently confirm..

Adding yellow and green peppers, ginger and garlic paste.. Garam masala, Himalayan salt, Bristol blend pepper.. Rehydrated fenugreek and rehydrated gourmet sabzi.. (That wonderful persian mix)..

Hmm what else.. Ummm .. Ahhh yes.. Some ajwain seeds the mutton and some water.. Also boiled a couple of spuds.. Cooled peeled and chopped into the mix.. Left to bubble away.. Kitchen smelling stunning! Not in a heavy curry smell in a light interesting one.. I reckon even the bisto kids would turn their heads on this!

So that was made a couple of days ago.. Popped in the fridge for the flavours to really develop. It was eaten for supper.. With great olive oil breads stretched out to a naany kinda shape..

If you haven’t tried these you must ! Use a different flour for any intolerances ..

2 cups of flour
Two third of a cup of water
A teaspoon of baking powder
Half a teaspoon of salt
A quarter cup of olive oil

All whizzed up in the processor , you can do it by hand too.. It doesn’t take long!

Now Mrs Fitz doesn’t like mutton the bone like me.. To be fair I think I am pretty lucky that she even sits opposite me when I eat it.. It’s gets kinda primal sucking those bones!

So an easy chicken tikka masala for her.. Thanks to the patak family and those franklin farm chickens I picked up.. After going through and cutting out some prime pieces.. It’s simply added to the sauce and heated up..

You cannot get a simpler yet seriously tasty chicken curry dish.. I think it’s due to the chicken being of exceptional quality ..

Great supper…just great..!



















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