RPM Chicago..

Dinner at RPM tonite.. With some good pals from Canada .. RPM is kinda a hot spot right now.. Various ‘stars’ attend from Michelle Obama, lady Gaga and Oprah.. And a bunch more.. Why? Its the newest kind on the block maybe? Or maybe because stars follow stars? Share (or keep) the wealth and kudos in the circle? Perhaps…

Co-owned by the first winner of the american apprentice Bill someone.. And his TV wife.. I am a little unsure of the exacts yet its quite a ‘coo’ from what I understand..

I had explained my non-cheese nor shellfish dietary requirements.. I think they skipped remembering this for the starters.. And the main course starch!! Ah well..

So the menu:

Imported Burrata – marinated spring vegetables

Roman style artichokes – white anchovy

RPM Caesar wedge

Housemade pasta

Mane lobster ravioli – spinach pasta, lemon, chili

Truffled gnocchi pasta
Taleggio, ham, peas

Handmade Cavatelli
Pork&beef ragu

Main Course

Eggplant parmesan

Grilled giant prawns
Olive, fresh herbs

12oz Berkshire pork chop

Side dishes

Roasted mushrooms

Garlic whipped potatoes


Bills chocolate Budino
Salted caramel, cocoa nibs

Baked Cannoli
Chocolate & orange

.. A little fancy pants without substance if you ask me.. Also the pork chop although tasty was pretty intimidating!! Biggest I have seen unsure of the cut. Suppose its kinda like a cowboy steak like cut… I think.. Anyways quite tasty .. Didn’t finish it.. The chop was just a chop..

Would I go again? Maybe.. Will I be hankering after going again? No don’t thinks so.. X

(Had a popeyes dark meat chicken earlier though.. With mashed potatoes and gravy and a biscuit.. Now that was good.. Mmmm)

Nite .. X

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