Turkey sausages.. = sausage rolls!! And Wagon wheels

‎‎In preparation for our night time adventure with the Hounds.. have made ‘sausage rolls’.. not the porky variety.. the turkey numbers.. almost positively healthy.. almost…

Remember I took whole turkeys.. broke em down.. minced em.. and sausaged them up!!

Having been poached they have a distinct firmness.. to be fair they are cooked..

So skinned.. and rolled into buttery flaky puff pastry.. store bought of course.. yet the butter variety.. where the butter comes all the way from New Zealand!! You know the brand? X

Some egg wash.. burford brown eggs.. cool.. not your nasty caged or pretend ‘free-rangers’..

Into the oven at 225.. 18 minutes.. didn’t quite get the rise I wanted.. maybe worked it a little too much.. or maybe the Turkey bangers were a little too cold.. don’t think so though..hmmm x

Puffed, golden.. cooled a little and served with lanzarote smuggled red mojo.. the hot one Mrs Fitz loves..

And Mrs Fit liked these little snackles of fun and taste.. I reckon I prefer the porky numbers.. yet the new parts have arrived for the grinder.. so we are back in play.. watching these spaces baby!! X

And off for a walk.. to listen to the night time bell ringing practice in the parish.. .. nice.. the air is crisp yet not cold.. none of the mad snow yet.. it’s a’coming though..oooh yeah!!! X

And a wagon wheel for dessert.. they were bigger right? X

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