Weds lunch – Chicken wings & Ranch..

I love chicken wings.. love em!! Tossed in hot sauce.. tumbled in a Jerk or creole powder shake..

Piles of em preferably.. !!

When I was in Niagra with my Attorney a few years back for the ice wine festival.. we sat and stared Buffalo across the bridge.. wistfully thinking of the home of the buffalo wing.. we never made it.. and Christ’s alive!! It was seriously cold.. like serious.. x good time though.. on the air Canada flight out.. we had a good drink.. My attorney better than me.. I fell asleep with Purple rain on loop!! 3 hrs he left me listening to that!!! I can sing it backwards now!! X


Lunch.. Mrs Fitz having left over turkey sausage rolls.. with a Italian herb salad and groovy looking tomatoes.. with red mojo of course!! ‎ (need to find more of that soon..)

I found some chicken wings in the top freezer.. half hour at 200.. and they were good…!! I thought I wanted more.. yet they were enough..

With buttermilk ranch.. and chola.. that wonderful Mexican sauce.. I bought 3 huge bottle once in Mexico city duty free.. and promptly got it taken off me in Paris.. forgot about the blinkin extra ridiculous security.. humph.. bought in one duty free.. only on a plane taken off me when needed to board the connection… BUZZARDS!!

Good lunch..

I like chicken wings.. x

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4 replies

  1. Looks lovely making me extremely hungry, Big time! I love your page its made me so happy that recently i have made a wordpress and the majority of people who have found my wordpress i dont know and have been to do with cooking ,food or more expectedly photographers.Thankyou very much for the comment that photo had to be taken ,Dexter scene right there haha


  2. It was lets go crazy actually, not being pedantic as it is much more bizarre to fall asleep to. x


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