Jacks, Scottish Sliced/ Lorne Sausages

Here is a great Scottish sausage recipe from my pal..

Well I was less than happy with my previous sausage post. I felt it was too salty and not enough roughage.

So here is how I turned it round.

As before I mixed half a kilo each of lean beef mince and pork mince, an egg and about 200g of pork fat from our friend Mr Fitz. ( you are welcome Jack!)

To this I added a good handful of medium oatmeal ( pinhead) and about half of that of Japanese bread crumbs (panko), gave it a good mix with my hands until thoroughly integrated.

Next I added a mix of onion powder, salt, white pepper, ground coriander seeds and ground nutmeg to taste.

This was again thoroughly mixed by hand until uniformly merged with the meat.

Now this is the most important part.

Take a small sample of the mixture fry it in butter for a few minutes, taste and adjust seasoning and texture, adding a little water if too dry and a little more spice if too insipid.

Line a loaf tin with cling film and pack the meat tightly into the tin, removing as much air as possible.

Place in freezer for a few hours, to firm up. Then remove from the tin and slice the way you like it.

Keep a few for eating soon, keeping them in the fridge. The remainder I recommend you freeze on a tray for future use. They can be grilled from frozen.



More detailed information can be found soon at jacksrecipes22.wordpress.com

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