Taste of Randolph & Sausagefest.. Chicago

Decided to take off and make my own Food tour today.. For starters it was raining real hard! So brolly up trouser rolled up and off I go!

Tatse of Randolph street first, Randolph street seems to be a kinda foodie place.. I think there are a few hot-shot restaurants and outlets around that area.. A mix between commercial and domestic by all accounts.

Ok.. So caught cab so I would know where I was going.. A very jolly russian .. Cool lady.. You wouldn’t jump her cab! Arrived.. Rain parted a bit.. Paid my 10 usd ‘suggested donation’ as an entry fee.. A bit quiet suppose its the weather and maybe a little early.. Had a wander.. Choose the porchetta sandwich.. Probably the best food I have eaten outside of my kitchen for a good while.. Seriously good.. I liked it.. Very much.. Good bread, slaw and porky porchetta.. Cool! X

Carried on for a wander for a bit.. Met sparky the dog .. Watched a band and decided to make like a good journo and leave..(Picture of outside Oprahs first though..!)

Leave to where?

Next on the list! Sausage fest! Caught another cab.. It was easier.. Polish driver this time.. He was cool also.. We arrived.. The fest was right next to the wrigley stadium! So that’s cool.. I get to see the stadium also!

This time my entrance ‘donation’ of 5 usd.. This place was a different crowd.. Busier and beer-re-er.. Ok though.. Not as big as Taste of Randolph yet that wasn’t big either! They really need to get Mr Fitz on the case with these events.. Then they would be magical!

Anyways.. Walked up and down deciding on which sausage to go for.. Went for the washington one.. I really don’t get the prices.. Surely you sell them for less.. People love them and got to your store/restaurant? No?

Nice beer though.. Run by a charity.. Nice people.. X


(Paying 10 for the sandwich and 4 for half yup half a sausage.. A 5 dollar beer + cabs.. Not cheapo!)

Also met the King Of Chicago Sausage fest.. He seemed ok! Not too sure how he won.

Must google that..

And the Slurpy truck!! Feck.. I LOVE slurpys!! And met a great member of their staff, Richard.. He let me have a slurpy hat.. His one (yet it was brand new.. ) Why on earth did slurpys leave the UK, I loved them as a child.. There was a store just close to my primary school.. It was great.. Like my frickin deal great! A hat?? A slurpy hat?? For real?? YES!! Thanks Richard and Slurpy.. Made me happy indeedo.. Whta else.. Hmmm oh yeah meat chips.. Like bad salami.. Not a good beer snack although the principle is a good thought..may develop that a little further..x

Were they any good, the fests? Well I suppose.. I think it would be a ‘Must-Try-Harder’ grade to be honest.. Took a walk to continue my day.. A BIG walk.. And the subway or ‘L’ train.. Mrs Fitz will be proud of me! On the walk back? The Weber BBQ joint, a chocolate shop and a demonstration of fava beans.. I’m gonna get me some of them..

Hockey game tonite.. Go Hawks I think I need to say..? Right?

And for now? As the sign says see ya later alligator! X

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