Homemade burgers = The best!!

Home-made burgers wonderful and what a perfect thing for a great lunch!!!

Okay see you can get great burgers out and about yet the ones you make it home really do have to be the best, they really do you get to choose whatever you like to do with them..

My father makes fantastic lamb burgers, and my attorney can replicate the famous clowns versions to a ‘T’!!

yet that’s not what I am making today.. This is all beef and no bull!! Hahaha x

Firstly defrosted the mince looked in the fridge gone for banana Shallot, jalapeno peppers and red Romano pepper with the addition of some porcini mushroom paste and salt-and-pepper that’s it no filler no breadcrumb no egg just pure meat.. Well apart from the flavourings..

Simply mushed together packed tightly into clingfilm and left to chill and marry flavours in the fridge over night..

Taken out today put into the burger press , they really are cool, I recommend you get a burger press why ? hey life’s too short right??

Pressed to perfection .. well okay it took me a couple goes to get the thickness that I wanted yet these are cool all with the little waxed disc also great looking patties indeed!!

Taking the heaviest cast iron pan possible heated up strong, a squirt of olive oil and fried to perfection getting a few times is that called broiling?? I never know! X

Served simply with some thin square bread very good as the bread is only a conduit to hold the meat anyways

also I light salad of crisp iceberg lettuce and fresh parsley dressed in Paul Newman Ranch dressing

man that dressing is good.. Good indeed..

Oh and a dollop of stokes ketchup

Great lunch this Mrs Fitz was happy.. That makes me happy x







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5 replies

  1. Made my own homemade burgers last night, definitely better than shop bought!


  2. I love making homemade burgers! Always so much juicier than store bought burgers!


    • They really are!! It’s nasty when you get a no good burger!! Homemade is best.. Cooked on coals.. Would have been lovely !! Yet I think these May have fallen through the grill!! Thanks for passing by x


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