White kidney bean chilli and chips..

Chilli the stuff of cooking legends and cooking competitions all around the world that maybe not all around the world!!!

Nice and quick supper required and I know that some may say that Chilli gets better with age and I agreed to some extent it sure does however tonight needed to be quick fast and easy supper so quite simply :

browned a chilli beef pack from the freezer that had been bought reduced in the store .. this is good quality beef mince already mixed with onions chilies and herbs all ready to cook.. Cool!!!

Once browned added a can of chopped tomatoes and a can if drained white kidney beans

I prefer white kidneybeans don’t know why the purple normal variety can put me off sometimes pinto beans are called for yetdefinitely not baked beans!!!

Left to simmer not boil just awhile and just enough time to fry up some corn chips

Why fry my own corn chips ?

well I’m fed up of the store bought variety that we can get here, just too salty or too thick or too coated in powder.. have been craving thin crispy restaurant style tortilla chips for a while now.. Just can’t get them and refuse point blank to pay the ridiculous internet prices to have them shipped.. Ho hum.. X

And came up with a plan that the easiest way of making them would be to take store bought call tortillas cut them into sizes I want and quickly shallow fry them , then tossing them in onion powder garlic powder chilli and salt..

These were delicious !!! served hot with the chilli and a good dollop of sour cream and some jalapeno peppers what a great chilli Real quick and the chips just worked !

lovely indeed lovely







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4 replies

  1. To be eaten, watching TV, feet up in an easy chair. Nice comfort food.


  2. This looks so amazing – I love the idea too. I think I can totally make it with the ingredients I have on hand today


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