Double Left over lamb lettuce cups and a lovely stir fry

Remember I still had some leftovers from the original Lebanese Barnsley chops… If you think they have yielded three decent meals so far. Plus two happy dogs! Now that is pretty good, yet this is a gift that just keeps giving!!!

Having some of the lamb rice fry left, have turned it into lettuce cups, I love lettuce cups.. One of the best car snacks ever!! ( if you put lettuce cup into my search box you will see some great ones!)

Simply nuked the bee gee zusss out of it at high power for a little over what you think it may need.. I do this as then my reckoning is all those horror stories of reheated rice don’t stand a chance!

Then spooned into lettuce leaves. The addition of thick sweet soy sauce Malaysian I think .. And my goodness you have. Tasty treat on your hands.. Real tasty indeedo x

So that is the end of those chops.. Yet what a culinary journey they have been on.. Quite a journey indeed.. Lebanese kinda thing.. Two happy dogs.. Rice fry Vietnamese kinda and not sure where lettuce cups come from really? Yet these for sure came from my heart x

And a sweet chilli noodle stir fry for Mrs Fitz.. With the addition of sausage mini meatballs , made of course from the. Mr Fitz chilli sausages.. Simply de skinned and rolled into mini balls before frying gently in Mrs Middletons pimped roscoff garlic oil,,

Then a store bought good quality stir fry pack.. Into the wok.. That wok has served me so well ! And it came free all those years ago with two jars of sauce from the uncle that is Ben. ..x

Noodles nuked then added to the mix, Chinese five spice And kikoman sig soy sauce.. Whoosh Woosh whoosh and TaaDaaa!! Into the bowl..

Nice x






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