Steak supper for two

We had a lovely Friday nite supper of sirloin steak…fries and peas..

Mrs Fitz loves steak .. And I managed to procure this number at half price per’s from a good store and I gotta admit its great meat.. All pure grass fed ( sheesh what else do cows eat anyways!! ) .. And antibiotic kinda free .. So they say ahem x

Anyhoo x let’s focus on the fries .. Just for a second.. These were frozen numbers and you should know by now how much that upsets me .. UNLESS!!

Added pork lard.. Herbs de Provence ,onion powder, and Bristol blend pepper.. Popped in the oven at 220.. Tossed a bunch.. Until crispy and lovely.. Should you add lard? We’ll if I had beef dripping it woulda been that instead .. Oh and also added some pimped roscoff garlic mrs Middletons rapeseed oil .. That just gets better with age!!

The steak? Gone for my attorneys special..a marco beef cube mixed up with some olive oil .. And smeared over one side of the steak..

Seared and cooked in the cast iron number .. Smelling amazing..

Added the peas and a smidge of horseradish ..

A simple Friday night supper … Yet dee lissshhh ououuss x






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  1. Your supper looks fancier than a lot of meals you’d find in a good restaurant!
    We had “haggis” that night –stuffed into game hens. ~ Glyn (BTW, love the soulful canine, too!)


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