Egg & chips

Man… You cannot really beat egg & chips..

From that young child food.. To a teenager to a young adult to beyond… Gods alive! X

A fantastical supper.. I am lucky enough to have traveled the world.. And in every country I have ever been in and in every class of hotel.. You cannot distract or deny people egg and chips.. Heck.. What was that Movie? .. Ok I aint got a greek sailboat.. Yet c’mon… Egg and chips? WOW!

I have met michel-in starred peoples.. And those that keep the ports runnin.. You seriously cannot beat egg and chips…

One of those things where you don’t want to get clever with.. Tonite I SLAMMED it baby! X

Crinkle cut king edwards.. Fried in the left over spring rolls oil.. Reminds me of my father telling me he once ‘stole’ and drank the fat from his fathers (pappys) house .. Thinking it may have been jelly !!! (Or summat else x)

Anyhoo-dee-hoo.. I went with the chips..

Then following suit with an old time pal that insisted on deep frying an english breakfast.. A hardcore blockpaver..

Feck it.. Drop the eggs into the post-chip fat..

It works.. Bad? Possibly.. Tasty.. PHUC yeah!!

Now lying down… Need a cold flannel on my head..

Mrs Fitz? (Even) Mr Wentworth? Just a look of mild disappointment and slight horror x

Ahh well. I am happy x & when I spoke to my attorney earlier he said it was a gooey eyed deer x

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