Duck salad for lunch..

I love duck.. No really I do.. I forget how much I like it.. Ok you can’t have it all the time.. A little too much yet sometimes it is just great! Like this salad.. LOVELY! X

Taken bugs bunny carrots, a bag of pea-shoots and soft baby salad leaves, chives from the garden, sultans jewel tomatoes.. Tiny real cute looking red peppers.. Tiny..

Two duck legs.. Simply seasoned with salt & pepper.. No oil.. 180 degrees.. Ninety minutes.. Perfection.. (Perhaps).. X

Potato salad warmed through and placed in bowl.. Duck legs at a jaunty angle.. Like the best way of wearing a hat.. You want to get ahead? Get a hat.. Don’t recall where that is from.. Always remember it though! Hahha

Paul Newmans ranch dressing -sans-cheese.. Cool! In facto very nice.. A ‘simple’ salad, easy to eat for lunch.. Would also make a great supper.. I do suggest you try this one..

Will be a while till more duckies… I do love them though.. And the ones that wander past the house on the way to the pond.. Cute x

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  1. In kc’s for dinner 🙂


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