Super hot diggity dogs..

Saw these hot dogs for sale made by the Ducks Pantry.. Saw them in a on-the-side-of-the-road asparagus stall in Oxfordshire..

Bought the ‘bent’ asparagus.. 5 gbp for a kilo!! Just cause its not straight.. Wow!

They are good thick ‘handmade’ dogs..

Smoked also.. Just lightly..

Bought some bag-guests.. And they will welcome the sausage.. Mixed up some ballmaloe relish.. Some extra chopped red onion.. Warmed the bread.. (Having torn out a bunch from the inside).. Smeared on the relish..

Boiled the dogs.. Placed them inta the bread..

Chewy, softy, crispy, tangy.. Slightly sweet..

Disappeared pretty darn quick! X (quicker than a lotus JPS..)

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