Spring rolls!

Inspired by an article sent by Father about spring rolls, egg rolls, or paper rolls..

Whatever you call ’em!

Desperate to feel summery and bring along colors to eating.. (And using up that left over pork).. Went for making up spring rolls (that’s what I am gonna call them for this porpoise)..

A bag of good stir fry mix.. Addition of garlic, onion and 5 spice powder.. Chopped up pork.. Mr Wentworth not too happy with losing his share.. And some home cured ham from the freezer.. Rolled into those fantastic sheets that are springy (see spring rolls!)..

Shallow fried.. Kept warm.. Demolished with hoi sin and sweet thai chili sauces.. Delicious!

(Poor Mrs Fitz still not feeling great.. So an attempt to put a smile on her face x)

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  1. Well hello Mr Fitz!

    I love your blog and have nominated you for a Liebster award for your blog! To find out more check out my latest post! http://www.rakeofcakes.com/2013/06/i-won-liebster.html 🙂


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