Sunday supper

Well the weather is awful here.. Loadsa rain.. Then some sun.. The cold.. Then rain!! No wonder everyone is getting the sniffles!

So.. What to make? Roast pork with spuds and mixed verg.. A french style cream sauce with a splash of white wine, single cream (for the strawberrys later.. X) and a knob of butter.. Nice!

In what I promised we are in use up mode.. So a piece of belly pork.. No too big.. Had pre-herbed it prior to deep freezing. Did it get crispy? Well now as much as I thought.. Was cool though..

Roast spuds with coriander seed, fennel seed, brown mustard seed and sweet paprika.. Regular cooking with some sunflower oil.. (Kitchen smelling frickin amazing to be fair! Porky, aromaticky.. Yum!)

A cabbage, carrot, broccoli mix designed for a stir-fry.. Small water.. Butter.. Salt ..

Worry that the pork is not crisping up enough.. Ah well.. Least its juicy.. Nice supper although its been a while since we ate spuds like that.. A little valium-ed up! (Or would that be down?)

Strawberrys and cream for desert.. Father sent me this pic of a very good looking cake he made.. Very good looking!

“Orange and lemon cake made with rapeseed oil not butter , It’s from website of mrs Middleton rapeseed oil I bought. It’s a fabulous colour. I left it couple of mins too long in fan assisted oven so edges slightly dry but really nice with Greek yogurt and a few soft berries would be particularly good”

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