Frying up!! Pakoras, falafals, black-eyed bean burgers..

Sorry no posting.. ‘Bean’ busy.. Yet made some time today to make some nice things..

First.. One majorcan potatoe.. What to do? Hmmm. Decided on pakoras.. Well kinda.. Which batter to make? Went for Chinese Double Dragon flour.. Those great iranian herbs.. Fenugreek, spinich, chives, dill coriander.. Cool.. And some sumac.. Love the sour punch of that.. Some lebanese 7 spice (again).. Onion powder, garlic powder and salt…

Whoop up the batter.. Sliced up Majorcan spud.. Dip and fry.. Lovely!! Real lovely actually.. While I have the oil may as well keep going..

Falafal. That wonderful middle eastern snack.. Crisp on the outside so soft and delightful on the inside.. Nice!

Lastly.. On the vegetarian theme.. Some bean burgers for mama.. Wasn’t sure about these.. A tin of black eyed beans.. A can of mexican chipotles.. Hmmm.. Some onion? Nah.. Chop and smash it all together.. Addition of some plain flour.. Italian frozen mix of herbs, garlic and red onion.. Still a little too wet.. Added cous cous..

Tried the shallow fry.. Nope just fell apart.. Instead pan fry in olive oil.. I tell you what they were good.. Like good enough to make again.. Hope mama likes ’em! X

Am in use up from the store cupboard and freezers (yeah multiple).. X so most posts for a wee while will involve those items… And trust me Mr Fitz has many items to use..

Do try the Bean burgers as a supper, they were cool.. X

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  1. Hiya Mama here – the bean burgers were so compact, tasty n delicious – thought they had been bought from a jazzy international health food store! Thank you mi darling gorgeous son for making them just for me!


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