Mrs Fitz Shepherds pie = HOME! X

Home.. At last.. Sure Chicago was cool.. I really like that city to be honest with you, could I live there? No.. Don’t think so.. Its good don’t get me wrong… Yet ‘europe’ is better, better? Umm yeah I reckon so..

Diversity and cuisine.. Often I find that you could be blindfolded..

Fed ‘cross the pond’ and end up eating stuff you could often have no gooey eyed deer which demographic it came from nor actually what is was!! (They really do need Fitzbergs to step in.. ) X wait and see… Have already recruited our Brunch Architect Director.. Based in Chicago USA.. The best brunches for weddings, parties & groups..

Anyhoo dee hoo..

Mrs Fitz shepherdd pie.. Bestest fixya food after a ree duck uul usss flight and a full hour of waiting for baggage! Least the passport chap said welcome back.. I LOVE that first time I the history of great unkle macks travel.. X

Back to the pie. Buttermilk mashy.. Cooked down ground meat.. Beef.. Ok not shepherds ‘officially’, cottage? Yeah don’t like the word though.. Sounds small damp and dark..

Mrs Fitz adds a heap of veg.. Whooshes it up in the kitchen aid just to ensure I get the hit of veg after a long travel.. Those that know me well are extremely aware that this supper is my come home fix ya and keep ya supper x (and I fricking love it!, people around the world often mail me post -working and ask if that’s what I have for supper.. Gods bless ya Mrs Fitz.. Love you x)

And mr wentworth?

Having played Mrs Fitz up for a good period of time.. He is a doll now! X

Time to add stokes (remember that!) Ketchup and eat up good and strong x

Welcome back x

(The spuds are growing great too! )

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