O hare airport

Right.. Am in airport. Cool.. Umm actually no.. My cab has taken me to Virgin America!! Oops!! Right.. A hurried Mr Fitz makes a sharp exit stage left and gets the train over to the right terminal!! (5 by the way x)

Scored an upgrade too! Yay!!

Needed to eat.. After that sudden burst of panic-esque energy.. Mrs Fitz would have killed me if she was here!

Advised by a nice chap who obviously noticed me staring at people food.. Particularly his.. I thought once behind sunglasses no-one could see you.. Darn it..

Have gone for the Mongolian beef.. With fried rice? Good.. Yeah ok.. God I can’t wait to get home to Mrs Fitz’s shepherds pie.. I really must come over to the states and open a chain.. Then they will eat very well indeed!

Time for the plane..

Toodle pips x

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