New York Waldorf Astoria Onion Rings .. Onion rings.. So good they..

Didn’t post yesterdays supper.. Had fish finger sandwiches.. And a Pepsi.. Sometimes all you need is to sink your teeths in to doughy bread, crunchy then soft fishies.. Dollop of red sauce.. Nice..x

Just woke up!

Thinking about NYC and possibly the best onion rings I have ever eaten.. Shared with a pal of mine Andre, he is based out there now.. Was piling up the pounds last time I saw him! Will pass by him the start of next month and check on how he’s doing..x

Back to these onions rings, all I know is that they take their time getting to ya! Like a good pint of stout. Crispy (unlike the stout, if so send it straight back!) Chewy (a bit more like the stout!… Kinda x) Soft, sweet, tangy and very very moreish.. We both had a small gasp and a little squeal at just how good they were! Do try them.. X

Oh and ask for the Carl Porter suite if possible, the views and accommodation are outstanding and it was also Mr Sinatras pad for a good while… Can you get more New york than that! (Probably) Hmmm now where was that Irish bar…

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