Spanish tortilla (super supper omelet)

For tea tonite?

Spanenglish omelet, ok not the true representation of the wonderful tapas dish of spanish filler upper when drinking ice cold sherry blanco in a port bar with a heap of cultural demographics.. Still.. Good with me an Mr Wentworth, Mrs Fitz never been a big fan yet will take a slice when the mood takes..

Not this one though!

BURSTIN with flavours! Orange, Red, Yellow peppers, too much cashola Chorizo, spuds, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, butter, store cupboard herbs an spices (more herbage than spice), garlics, olive oil and of course eggs.. X (plus micro garlic chives.. Love them right now)

Gently fried.. Flipped about.. Egg and milk mix added.. Inverted a few times.. Left to cool.. Looks good? Well if I coulda turned it out properly it would of.. Gods bless that wisdom of changing all the plates to the ‘funky’ rectangle style.. Still.. Onto a board ala JO .. Snaffle all the off cuts. Sprinkle with pink sulfurous mountain salt.. Eat!

A multitude of textures and flavors. Try it.. I promise. Or a remington style currency back offer.. (Naturally you need to read the small print x)

Am leaving for the next bit to cool.. Fridge cold.. Room temp chola mexican sauce.. WOW! Its gotta be a saturday eve for this dish!

Of course would be perfect served with a lite salad an a wedge of lime.. A glass of med summer juice.. And of course the sound of crickets whilst the dusk turns into nite.. Aint got that.. Its raining.. X

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