Headless Brawn

Nice from Jack.. this one I fancy a go of!! Save me a slice Jack!!

When I was in the butchers in Newport Pagnell for the pork mince for the Lorne Sausages, I bought 3 huge trotters. I had a notion for some brawn.

I didn’t have the pig’s head but I did have a nice pork hock and so I decided to go ahead anyway.

I sliced some carrots, about 3 garlic cloves, the remains of some celery, a couple of onions, the juice of a lemon which had previously been used for it’s rind and a handful of sage, thyme and parsley from the garden.

This went into the pressure cooker with the trotters and the hock. I added about 3/4 pint of water and pressure cooked the lot for an hour.

I left it to come down to room temperature and tasted the gravy. It was almost tasteless so after straining the meat and veg I added about 4 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, 3 star anise and the about a teaspoon of salt to the liquid and simmered it for about 15 mins.

I removed all the meat from the trotters and the hock and put it in a bowl in fridge overnight with the gravy in a separator jug.

The following morning I removed the meat and gravy from fridge sliced the meat and reheated it with the gravy.

I separated the meat from the gravy and pressed it firmly into a cling film lined loaf tin right to the top and poured in as much gravy as it would take, covered it with cling film, left it to cool and put back in fridge.

I tasted it first thing this morning and it was delicious but could have been seasoned a bit more.

Next time! I am off to the pub now with a few samples for the lads.

Be nice!!

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  1. I’ll be down the Nags about 4:30 with a couple of slices for you, remember it needs some seasoning this time. Also I am making some NANN bread using my bread maker for the dough. Can I store the Nanns in dough condition for toasting later or do I have to store them toasted?

    Jack M Taylor, Mob: 07860347052 Email: jackmtaylor@sky.com (Always reply to this email address)


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