Lunch at the Ivy.. act one

‎Good lunch at the Ivy yesterday.. with my attorney and a great client.. was a little late making it there as my client needed to send some mails and needed to find good WiFi.. QUICK!!

Stopped off at Jamie Oliver ‘pop-up’ Hotdog joint.. he logged in.. well tried to.. I decided we should share a dirty dog to alleviate the stress.. did it work? Well the smoked dog on a semi wholemeal bun.. with a slaw.. pulled pork and cracklin atop the dog was ok.. kinda expensive and luke warm (not even Nuke warm!!) x

Have it again? Probably not to be honest.. WiFi not strong enough.. and the fruit related technologies not really helping either! So best place?

Round the corner to the old Wendy’s.. why oh why did Wendy sell out to that clown huh? So the WiFi works a little better now.. and 30+ mins later we are ready to fast stroll to the Ivy.. we are now late for lunch.. my Attorney is waiting there… x (stopped at Equity to see if they had my card ready yet.. umm not even my application.. must write that and send it in huh!!?!!‎)

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