Today’s lunch..

‎I am off to the Ivy for a client lunch today.. so made Mrs Fitz a nice salad.. (from the carton..) and some salmon pate sandwiches on lovely fresh french bread..

And I have a delicious train snack of Chicken and pork pie.. pork pie and British trains.. an institution!

Oh and also.. a new great selection of wonderful continental food stuffs at waitrose.. some reaaly cool looking things.. this non-squid suid rings caught my eye.. interesting..


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  1. As I said earlier I will need to try the Ivy and more importantly the squidless rings!!! ??? Did I send you my Prawns au whisky meal? I don’t seem to have a record of sending it. However here is my delight tonight. Couldn’t be bothered doing anything fancy. Good old bacon, egg, sausage (Richmond’s basic, sorry), french country pate and chips with Heinz tomato ketchup.  Great!!!

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