Red & white chard bubble.. with lamb sausages.. baharat blend..

‎What do you do when white chard is reduced to 22 pence per pack? And red chard 55 pence per pack.. and organic spuds for 145 for 2.5 kilos..

Hmmm.. make a type of bubble and squeak.. boiled spuds.. mashed up with Mrs Middleton’s rapeseed oil.. (although it’s the pimped up version withItalian dried chilli, wild rosemary an roasted garlic smash) jersey butter.. and secret Japanese wasabi powder.. ‎.. mushed up with the hand stick blender..

Chopped steamed chard.. and chives all mushed up.. sorry ‘carefully’ turned with a spoon.. it’s lovely.. real lovely..

To go with? For tomorrow’s supper.. made some lamb sausages.. with the wonderful middle eastern spice baharat.. and of course some other bits..! And a good squeeze of harissa paste.. the hot tunisian one.. x

Looking forward to that.. had to put the lid on the dish.. to stop eating it x

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