When the stars hit ya eyes..

‎Like a big pizza pie.. that’s… ahh well you get the rest!!

Not pizza pie though.. Pizza Express.. home.. now.. we have a problem with paying the crackers pricing for delivered pizza.. it just seems mad..! Maybe you are cool with that yet for the price you can roast a chicken‎!! Or real spoil yerself with… I dunno a something.. x

Well anyways a good quality pizza this.. easy to cook.. oh and naturally it was reduced.. ahem x

I don’t eat pizza.. no cheese you see.. yet for Mrs Fitz lunch? Perfect.. the addition of hot peppers..

For me? I made some lovely lamb merguez.. they are doing their thang in the magic oven..

Kebabs from the new book tonite.. well not quite from the new book.. yet my (much better I reckons) interpretation..


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