Mrs Middleton’s oil first cooking..

‎Took delivery of the very nice rapeseed oil from Whizz Middleton today.. Whizz delivered it personally.. that was nice..

So onto this ‘miracle oil’ (fathers words..)x

Looks very nice.. taste good neat.. no harsh-ness.. decided on a rice fry for me and pasta with red chilli and pepper pesto for Mrs Fitz..

Rice fry? Ingredients:
Onion, rice, freezer trash – this time including hotdogs and ham.. peas.. and green beans.. a good ol’ glug of the oil.. and hmmm yup is good.. oh! And a smidge of garlic and a splash of tamari

Nice.. good mouth feel.. no butter..

Pasta for Mrs Fitz? Very good quality pasta, the pesto.. and a whirl of oil.. like it

Hmmm what next with this oil?

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