Ian @ Earls Barton

‎Went over to see Ian, my new butcher pal in Earls Barton, he is a great butcher and a very funny chap.. a genuine nice guy indeed.. sometimes you can just tell.. a look forward to being mates with him for a long time..

He told me the other day about a great beast he was gonna break down, and I said I wanted the ribs.. the good ribs.. right from the top of the wing.. cool! I love beef ribs.. not always the USA short numbers.. sometimes disappointing.. yet this beast was of a seriously prime nature.. a wonderful animal..

The smell of it was just out of this world! Mrs Fitz is gonna love this beefs.. I am gonna roast some and smoke some others.. they will be crackalicious indeed! X

Ian gave Mr Wentworth some bones also.. he has had two of them and went feral on me.. you were not getting near those bones.. Sheesh.. gotta train that outta him.. yet can understand where he is coming from.. I will be going feral when they are cooked! and he ain’t getting none!

Ok, so not the cheapest meat.. yet of the finest quality.. and whilst I was in there many people came by asking for all kinds of fur, feather and hoof.. and with a sly smile Ian told them to pop back in the week.. guns out at the weekend methinks.. ahhahh x


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