Smoked beef ribs

‎Remember those ribs from yesterday? Well a-here-ya-go!!

Had a problem getting heat on the weber.. well for sure it is coals.. you know I bought the stoopid amount the other day? Well this was the test.. and uh-oh.. it became a furnace!! Like over the edge hot.. like you can’t go near it hot!! Ha haha ahah hmmm…

Well Mrs Fitz steak was good in record time.. and to be fair I reckon I could have turned out a heap of steaks in a very short period!!

Yet when more gentle.. and it helped with a little dousing of budweiser.. (me and the ‘Q’) ..! I used a very good amount.. perhaps a little too much of mesquite fire spice.. and left it to puff away merrily like an outside carnival in Negril..

And puff it sure did.. you can see from the pics the last few pieces of the beef ribs I put on as just wanted a slight smoke versus the diablo aggression..‎.. they will be used to braise in some broth another time..

And the heavy smoke numbers?.. man they are good.. like competition winning good.. x.. now there lies an idea… hmmmmm, better call my attorney.. x

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