Food market – Newport Pagnell

As I was having a meander today.. I drove through Newport Pagnell.. and suddenly veered left!!


I saw the Hog roast sign.. ‎nothing makes me stop quicker.. nothing.. x

So parked up and went to explore this porky delight.. ahh uno problem.. not a hog roast.. pork on a hotplate!! They should be sued!! And far too expensive on a bad bun.. nah not happening man, just not happening..

On the plus side though.. got some great salamis.. off a real nice guy.. he didn’t speak English so we communicated through the universal body language of people that like food.. ‎have used that technique across the globe.. and it’s worth learning!

Other highlights? Some wonderful turkish delight with pistachio.. taking them and some salami to the Truffle hunting course tomorrow..

Hungry now.. hit the Indian buffet across the street.. not great yet needed something..

Why do people try charge far too much money for not good food huh?


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