Cream tea with Shakespeare?

My Pal Jack getting out and about.. lovely day for it Jack!!

Decided to take Christine out for a run, but where to go? We had thought a few days ago that we might take a jaunt down to Hastings, having seen James Martin there in the ‘Food Map of Britain’, (that featured the Truffle Hunting the 6th programme) however we thought it would be a bit too much so chose Stratford upon Avon.

A good choice.

After a lovely walk along the river we came across this lovely tea room, Hobsons Patisserie.

I had a super seafood baguette beautifully presented with salad and crisps and a large Americano and Christine had a cream tea with 2 sultana scones, clotted cream, butter and strawberry jam. Just the ticket!

Finished and went for another walk through the market and saw a swinging BBQ. Worked a treat.
What a great day out.

Swinging BBQ??? Jack why didn’t ya buy me it!!!

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