Jack’s sausage and mash

My pal Jack musta had a bad day.. not happy with your choice of store bought sausages though Jack!! Not happy with that at all!! Will make you some Mr Fitz specials next week.. x

Not the best of days. Need something heartening. I know, something that will stick to the bones.

Found some basic Tesco sausages in freezer. Gathered some HG tatties, pulled some HG beetroot, fried some HG onions and chopped some market red pepper having first grilled it till it was black.

It wouldn’t be the same without my HG roasted onion gravy so sliced up a couple more onions, rubbed them with groundnut oil and a pinch of castor sugar. Roasted them in very hot oven for about 15 to 20 mins.

Made a veg stock with knorr, adding some Worcestershire sauce and English mustard, thickened with flour and mixed in the roasted onions. Didn’t need anything else!

In the mean time I grilled the sausages and made the mash with lots of butter and mixed in the fried onion and grilled pepper.
Served with boiled HG beets.



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