Jamaican Brown Stew

When I spoke with my Attorney yesterday he could not help himself joyfully extolling this dish he had made.. and to be fair after discussing it further with him it really really does seem to be a mouthwatering delight..

so here goes:

Fried chicken thighs five minutes each side until brown and crispy. Put them to one side.
Chopped up 1 scotch bonnet, 2 onions, green pepper, red pepper, 6 spring onions, four clove’s of garlic. And added to pot with the fat from the chicken and cook until onions go all translucenty.
Put chicken back in pot and add some sprigs of thyme 2 baked potatoes cut into cubes. Big pinch of all spice and 2 tablespoons of curry powder.

Add about half a litre of chicken stock or at least enough to cover everything

Bring to a boil cover with a tight lid and simmer for at least 45 mins. Ideally you want the stock to reduce and thicken but not too much
Served up with some coconut rice.cooltext1145986208 photo[3]

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