Must be a chinesey kinda day! Chicken feet & dumpling soup

‎I needed something warming today.. the weather has really turned.. it suddenly is cold and grey.. (I have a cardigan on as well as a shirt.. no socks yet though!)

Mrs Fitz mentioned a soupy thing with steamed dumplings the other day.. and that was just what was called for!

Made a stock.. chicken and veg.. and added cabbage, red onion, some green beans.. garlic, thai herbs (that mix used the other day in the crab cakes).. carrots and shitake mushrooms.. vermicelli ‎nests.. add soy and fish sauce.. smelled wonderful and comforting.. I have though burnt the inside of my lip having tasted it too hot and too often! Steamed the dumplings..

This is a slurpy soup.. Mrs Fitz hates the sound of me slurping.. wait till we go to a Ramen house huh! X

My pal Jack mailed me the below also.. feet ain’t for me.. yet bet they are great!

Just came back from my Consultant and felt like something tasty to eat. Rummaged through the freezer and guess what. I found some Chicken’s feet. Ideal!
Got out the Chinese steamer and boiled some water. Into the steamer for 20 mins.
Using a fork rather than burning my fingers. Scoffed the lot. A few more would have been welcome. Absolutely hit the spot. Need to get to Central Oriental Supermarket and stock up on some more!

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  1. Did my photos not come over? Or were they not good enough?  The smoked beef was perfect! And I mean perfect! Flavour and texture the best. I haven’t eaten a satisfactory piece of meat for a long time but you’ve nailed it. Well done you! Jack

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