Cumberland sausages.. rings and strings!

Have gone for more sausage making.. cumberland this time.. new seasoning.. new flavour.. let’s see what happens!

Used ice water with this mix as am told it helps them preserve better and also absorb the spice better.. hmmm..

Have gone for some rings as a couple of chaps have asked me if I could make them some.. not too sure how you ‘tie’ them up so left extra casing and wrapped it around to form a ‎kinda knot.. well no a knot so much.. just a way of holding them in the circle..

The meat is a wonderful free-range number.. so am really looking forward to checking out how these taste.. x

Also made some strings.. the rings are cool yet just in case! And it ain’t really winter yet.. those rings with a thick onion gravy and buttery fluffy mashy would be excellent indeedo!

I have to work out the casing length as seem to never put enough on the nozzle! It’s a drag to have to soak more casings and feed em back on!!

They look cool though no?

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