Jack’s ‘French’ country pate

‎Jack’s cooking up a storm! Musta got his mojo on at the moment! Here’s another slice of his cookings x

Country pate to the unitiated!!

As some of you may know Christine and I are francophiles and have been for many years. In fact we got married in France 28 years ago and we love french food as well as the people. So I was browsing through a new french cookery book and came across this recipe, so I just couldn’t resist it and I’m glad I didn’t.

First I had to go and buy some pork belly, some calves liver and some pistachio nuts.

Cut the pork, the liver, a few slices of bacon and some chicken thigh meat very coarsely.

Separately processed them until coarsely minced and combined them in a large bowl with a lot of HG garlic, some HG thyme, crushed Juniper berries, a couple of tablespoons of port (Taylors of course), about twice as much white wine, an egg and the shelled and roasted pistachios.

The mixture was then pressed into a loaf tin, tightly covered with foil, then placed in a large baking dish. Poured boiling water half way up the loaf tin and cooked in the oven at 140 for an hour. After the hour, removed the foil and cooked for another hour until cooked through.

Removed from oven then covered it with baking paper, weighed it down with heavy tin cans, left it to cool and put in fridge overnight.

Sliced and served with gherkins.
Voilà. Ooh la la. I am off for another plate full. X


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