Lamb keema..kinda..

‎Had a wonderful ‘piece’ of freshly ground lamb leg given to me by my pal Wally.. he grinds it down the good ‘ol way!

Naturally this lends itself perfectly to the most honourable dish.. keema.. there is something about keema that just means good eating.. dunno why? I suppose it’s like all the ground meat dishes.. a burger, shepherds or cottage pie, that scottish mince and tatties number.. samosas, .mousakka, ‎ragu.. it’s endless.. and all jolly well satisfying..

I think keema kept me alive for a while in my teens.. I used to go see a pal who’s mom kept him with a ready supply.. she used to bulk it out with potatoes.. so it really was an all encompassing dish! ..

So how did this one go?

Fried onions.. added ground lamb.. spices, ginger and garlic paste.. and then peas.. oh and a couple cups of water and a green chili..

Now normally that would be fine and dandy.. yet with a wee drop inside ya things start changing huh?! X

So decided to make the dish ‘go further’.. with the addition of sarson kaarg.. a wonderful larder staple of curried mustard leaves.. this is a great store cupboard thing to own.. already cooked down with all the spice and flavor you need.. you can simply warm it up and eat it as is.. or even better add some left over boiled spuds.. even roasties.. (are there any ever left though???)

It’s a great can to have.. so added it to the mix.. now it ain’t keema.. it’s.. keema saag? Perhaps? Not sure.. yet am sure that it is particularly delicious.. and with Mrs Fitz chapatis.. wicked indeed.. and loads left.. x

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