Kedgeree, left overs, hungry!

Got the below from Jack.. we had a left-over Lamb keema saag.. and Mrs Fitz made stuffed parathas.. oh and a brussel sprout thing that didn’t really work as well as hoped.. sauce was bang on.. sprouts still a bit crunchy..

Have woken up hungry.. x Kedgeree would be a great Sunday lazy breakfast..


What a mixed day. Had the leftover lamb chop with onion and rosemary cream sauce from last night for lunch. So what about dinner when Christine comes back from the DONS?
Something hearty? Yes.
Went to the shop, we don’t like anymore, and got a beautiful piece of undyded smoked haddock (should have taken haddock fillet round to Mr. Fitz and let him smoke it for me). Will do next time!
A simple kedgeree came to mind. So I poached the haddock in water with a couple of bay leaves for about 15 mins. Drained and reserved the liquor which I used to boil the rice.
Chopped up a HG onion and sautéed it until soft then cooked out with mild curry powder. Added some HG garden peas, HG parsley, some cream, seasoning and flaked haddock.
Served on plate with a couple of hard boiled eggs.
Washed it down with a few glasses of Taylor’s ruin. Delicious.
Going to bed in a very relaxed state.

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