New saussies with chard bubble

‎Had the new recipe sausages for supper.. mrs fitz gone all out for tea with her friends.. and pretty good meal she has had by all counts at strada..



It’s me and Mr Wentworth.. he kinda happy with his venison hotpot..

I went for those new sausages.. and that frickin polish season I added is just too too too (yeas 3 times..) too salty (is that four?)

Ahh well yet killed my baharat and harissa seasoning..

The chard mash fried up as bubble was superb though.. like serious enriching forty fying food..

If I didn’t like animal flesh so much this would do me plenty fine.. the addition of the Japanese seasoning rocked.. x

Ahh well.. tomorrow’s another food day.. what’s the time spent between meals? Time to think of what ya gonna have x

(oh and never ate the snails in the pic.. just took a second look x)

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  1. Gotta eat the snails. Delicious. Did you buy them or were you just looking? They put hairs on your chest. Christine loves them. Eats them when ever she can get them!!! Reminds me of a time in France with the caravan after a horrendous rain storm and the site was flooded overnight. In the morning when the water soaked away the Frenchmen were out in droves with their buckets and spades scooping up the snails. I must admit I do like them cooked in parsley butter. The snails I mean not the Frenchmen!!

    Jack M Taylor, Mob: 07860347052 Email: (Always reply to this email address)


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