Smoked mackerel fishcakes & steak sarnie..

‎What for lunch?

Should eat more fish.. don’t like fish.. don’t like the way it’s treated.. if you scooped up mammals like that and drowned em people would go mad!! ‎Why is that ok with shishies huh? X

Anyways got two smoked mackerel fillets.. ‎turns out Mr Wentworth loves Mackerel skins.. and some of the more gloopy looking bits under the smoke!

Used up the last of the chive mash.. flaked in the fish.. added an egg.. formed into patties.. breadcrumbed and lightly fried..

And very lovely they were too!! Went into the garden and realised though that I still had some parsley growing.. shoot! Shoulda added it.. never minf.. Father Fitz suggested making a parsley sauce.. next time..x

Served with a salad.. you know what.. this is a great ‘cheap’ meal.. and it reminds you how lovely they are.. like really lovely..

Mrs Fitz ain’t feeling the best.. so a sirloin steak sandwich for her.. with mushrooms and onions..

And the salad.. she was happy.. that’s nice x

Oh and saw these passion fruit growing!!! Wow!! Don’t think they are too edible.. good to see though.. x

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