The biggie.. Sunday lunch roast rib

Mrs Fitz loves a roast rib O’ beefs.. and today was just the day to do that.. just the most perfect grey and rainy and heating on day for a super Sunday supper..

Made yorkshire puddings first.. added herbs and some of that Mexican onion powder.. didn’t rise so well.. yet tasted divine!

The beef? A great rib joint.. two bone number.. given the 20 min hot sizzle ala HFW.. then doen to 160 for 52 mins.. 52? Why.. bad maths perhaps.. any ways it rested well after that x

Dug up some of Mr Fitz spuds from the bath.. the tubers donated by James.. from the Manors stock!! Ahem x cough cough.. x

The roast sat on the rack dripping on the par boiled spuds.. of course added some Mrs Middleton’s oil.. some PYO garlic.. and My Pal Wallys shallots.. they all got squashed up for the gravy..

Peas carrots and broccoli.. ‎as veg..

Mrs Fitz invented a new canapé.. halving the a pocket.. and filling it up with a selection of the supper.. with bangin horseradish.. very cool indeedo

This was a smashing supper… perfect for the day.. and plenty of leftovers.. perfect.. and a bone for mr Wentworth..

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