A trifling issue…

Mrs Fitz loves trifle.. and I could do nothing more than oblige to make one for her.. naturally it has to be straight from the store bought box right?

The best Birds trifle box.. followed the instructions by the letter..

Only additions? Some strawberry canned of course! And a grating of Golden crisp irish cadburys.. why oh why oh why can you not buy this stuff anywhere else?

The first name of it.. ‘GOLDEN ‘ well that’s gotta be a starter right? Just like the ‘payday’ bar in the states.. cool! X

Made it up.. as per prior mention.. I don’t like it.. Mrs Fitz happy after great rib o’ beef supper‎.. x


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  1. Photos don’t do the food justice. Try altering the size or exposure. The blog deserves better!!!!! X

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